Basement floor concrete

We went to the house for the third time this week. This time we took the kids with us because today they were pouring the concrete in the basement and we wanted to put our handprints in the floor so the people renovating the house in 100 years find it.


When we got there, Westlake Concrete was there and about halfway done with the floor. They were waiting on the second concrete truck to deliver more concrete. We got to see them pouring and leveling it. We had to wait for the concrete to set a little before we could put our handprints in it, so we went to Elysian for lunch. By the time we got back it was ready. Havana marched right into the basement and put footprints in the wet concrete before we could stop her. Mark, the superintendent, put some foam core down for me to walk on and Gay handed me the kids and I pushed their hands into the concrete. Gay put her hand in and then I put our name in using some alphabet letters we bought at a toy store on the way to the house.

Before we left, we had a phone call with Mark and the structural engineer, Eric, to talk about yet more beams he wants us to put in the attic. I feel like we’re making the house into a bomb shelter the way it’s being reinforced. The engineer insists it’s all necessary (and no one can argue because of liability concerns) but I can’t imagine every old house does as much as we’re doing to this roof. In the end, the entire roof will be rebuilt other than putting a new surface on it.

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