Collaborative Lunch

Today we had a lunch at the house for all the people involved in the house renovation. The architects, interior designers and contractors have worked separately with us as the conduit. Some people hadn’t even met yet. So we wanted to get everyone together at one time, talk and just have a friendly get-together. After a stop for another ultrasound and an OB/GYN appointment, Gay & I picked up cupcakes (a favorite) at Cupcake Royale, beer and sodas at QFC and sandwiches at Volunteer Park Cafe and met everyone at the house.

Volunteer Park Cafe

People who were there: Nancy, My, Jim, Katie, Mark, Doug, Todd and us. Tom had to cancel because his mother had passed-away last week. Besides me, only Todd drank a beer during lunch. I can’t believe I can’t get construction workers to drink beer. This is the third time we’ve brought beer for them and the third time they’ve refused to drink it. Maybe we’ll try white wine spritzers next.

We talked mostly about the stuff the interior designers are working on and walked around the house to talk about some things that Schuchart/Dow is working on. Nancy and Jim agreed with me that the exposed wall in the basement is ugly. Nancy helped us pick out a concrete for the basement from all the samples they did, which was becoming a danger to keeping on schedule.

Eric, the structural engineer, came over later to talk about the stuff he thinks we need to do in the attic. We’d never met him and, except for a couple phone conversations, always talked to him through the architect. It was helpful to finally talk face-to-face with him. We discussed again how we can get rid of the cross-ties in the attic that I don’t like. There’s 2 options: 1) replace every cross-tie with either a steel cable or a steel rod or 2) build 3 trusses with steel beams joining them and put in a ridge beam. The 2nd option may (engineer-speak for “absolutely positively will”) require changes to the lower floors too. Schuchart/Dow will price those options, but I’m guessing we’ll continue with the current plan and keep the cross-ties.

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