Belle & Sebastian at Benaroya Hall

We went to Benaroya Hall to see Belle & Sebastian (name taken from a cartoon, not the names of people in the band). We ran into Peter Johnson and his cousin in the lobby, which was a surprise. He said that Reid and Marissa were also there. I should have expected that. We did see them across the hall once we got into the show and texted Reid to say “Hi”.

It was a good show, although our seats weren’t very good. They played a cross-section of their songs, but with so many albums and EPs they’ve made over the years — they used to be very prolific — a 90-minute show seems short. I’m surprised they didn’t play “Stars of Track and Field”. I like the newer albums but I miss the older songs with the trumpet and horns. I didn’t think to bring the better camera, but at least I took some videos with my iPhone.

I still remember the last time we saw the band. It was 3 days after 9/11 at the Moore Theatre. A bunch of us met down the street for dinner before the show and, of course, talked about 9/11. Belle & Sebastian’s happy music was a nice distraction from it. The band is Scottish and the founder of the band (who shares a birthday with Hudson), wore an American flag shirt and expressed his sympathies. At the time, the world was united against terrorism for the first time in history. It’s amazing how less than a year after that the Bush Administration destroyed any goodwill the rest of the world had for us and squandered the opportunity to bring the world’s armies against terrorism by acting like stupid cowboys bent on re-fighting the Iraq war from 1991.

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