Pumpkin Beer and house visit

This weekend is Elysian’s Pumpkin Beer Festival, so we decided to go into the city today to taste some of the 40 (!) pumpkin beers on tap. I love pumpkin beers. We packed the kids in the car and got on the 12:50p ferry. We stopped at Beer Junction to stock up on some new beers and then went to the house to take some photos of the progress.


The kids had fun running around the house. They don’t see it as often as we do so it’s always new to them. We headed to Elysian and, egads, found the line of people wrapping around the corner and down the entire block. I refuse to wait in lines, especially with kids so it was easy to nix that plan. We went to Cal Anderson park instead and let the kids play. Then we went to Circa in West Seattle for dinner but they were closed. Our last chance was Zeeks Pizza. The kids were tired and slept right after leaving Capitol Hill, so we had to wake them up for dinner.

We got home, put the kids to bed and turned on the UW vs Oregon State game and, fortunately, I bought Elysian’s Great Pumpkin beer at The Beer Junction today, so I could pretend that I didn’t miss their pumpkin festival again.

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