Day: September 13, 2010

Saunas, Status and (Ann) Sacks in Seattle

We went back into Seattle today for several things. First, we stopped at Olympic Hot Tub to talk about saunas. There is no other place in Seattle, that I can find, that sells saunas and I wasn’t impressed with Olympic. We want a pre-cut sauna that would be assembled on-site, but I want to buy the heater separately because I want a more efficient Tylö heater. The saleswoman had never heard of Tylö heaters! From what I can tell, that’s like a car salesman never hearing of Mercedes-Benz. They can have a sauna pre-cut kit made, so I asked what kind of wood they’re made out of. She answered “spruce or hemlock”, and seemed surprised that I’d want one made of cedar. Hmm. Before we left, we asked about hot tubs because we’d like to get one eventually. Coincidentally, the “tech guy” came into the showroom and I asked about heating a hot tub with the boiler in the house, since it’s much more efficient than an electric heater. This is a recommended thing to do if your house has a boiler. The tech guy looked at me like I was a martian. He and the saleswoman said they’d never heard of such a thing! Then the tech guy tried to overwhelm us with jargon. I’d had enough of that place and wanted to get out quickly.

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