Sunday dinner in Seattle

We had to bring the permit and permitted drawings to the house because they have to be on-site and the contractor wants to call the inspector on Tuesday to have the first inspection appointment. So we took the kids into the city and, after a quick stop at The Beer Junction for a fresh supply of beer and then to the house, we had dinner. We tried to go to Volunteer Park Cafe but they weren’t open for dinner. Next try was Kingfish Cafe, which was open at 5:30 with a line of people waiting outside for the doors to open.

We hadn’t been to Kingfish Cafe in 10 years! Time flies. It’s great to have a neighborhood place like this so close to the house. We had catfish crab cakes for appetizer while the kids had mac & cheese. For dinner, I had the blackened salmon and Gay had the catfish. Everything was great, especially the kids’ Mac & cheese. Havana ate a lot of hers but Hudson was happy with his lemonade and an apple. I ate most of his but did get him to eat some of it, and he agreed it was very good. They played with an iPhone and iPad while we finished our dinners.

For dessert, we went to Molly Moon for ice cream and then went to Cal Anderson Park, one of the 12 best city parks in the US, across the street. Havana was having so much fun she refused to eat half her ice cream. It eventually melted and we threw it away and then she wanted it when we got in the car to go home. We didn’t get home until 9pm, they kids were tired and went right to sleep.

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