Interior Elevations

The interior designers completed the first round of elevations for the rooms they’re doing: the kitchen, all the bathrooms and the laundry room. 30 pages of drawings! These specify the exact locations of sinks, faucets, appliances, wall sconces, cabinetry, shelving, shower heads and controls (even the locations of toilet paper holders) as well as wall and floor surfaces. They also included a complete list of fixtures and tiles, although we aren’t yet decided on all of those yet.

They also had to decide how the kitchen windows would be changed to fit the new kitchen. They surprised us by doing just one big window rather than two on either side of the stove. I don’t know why we never considered a single window; it looks great. They also got my shower controls on the outside of the shower, something I’ve wanted in a shower for decades — I hate having to get into the shower to turn it on and try not to get a splash of freezing cold water on me and my clothes. They also did a nice laundry room cabinetry design with a built-in drying rack and ironing board.

We have some changes we want to make but, as they’ve always done with us, they got 90% of everything right on the first try.

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