Month: September 2010

Garage Building Permit

Gay went to the architect to pick up the drawings and then to the Seattle DPD to try to get our permit for the the garage and she got it. The garage was excluded from the house building permit that we got weeks ago because we had to prove that the garage really did exist when the house was built, that the changes aren’t a change-of-use and that we are making the right structural changes to it.

Garage Building Permit

Two parts of government bureaucracy down and one to go!

Sunday Drive

Gay’s dad and aunts met us at the hotel restaurant for breakfast before we drove home. We were on the road by 11am, stopped in Ellensburg for lunch and were home on the 4pm ferry. The kids were good the entire drive, as usual, but Havana was sick of her car seat by the time we got the ferry dock and complained about having to get back in it to drive on the ferry. By 4:30 we were watching the 10am Steelers game on the DVR. A good end to a day of long driving.

Jimmy & Jessica's Wedding

Today’s Jimmy & Jessica’s wedding day. We got the kids dressed, went to Costco to get some Champagne and fruit so Gay could make a fruit salad. We fought the Spokane traffic to get to Gay’s dad’s house where Gay assembled the fruit salad. Then we were off to Deer Park to Gay’s mom’s farm for the wedding.

We met Jessica for the first time. The kids found tractors to climb on and some animals to look at before the wedding. The ceremony was short and then we had dinner. We opened a bottle of champagne and tried to share it, but that went over like a lead balloon. It wasn’t a champagne crowd. The kids played with some other kids and danced the night away in the barn.

Going to Spokane

We were on our way out of Seattle to Spokane a little after 11am. We got there a little before 4pm and checked into the hotel, The Davenport. The Davenport was the hotel in Spokane’s hey-day, went abandoned for many years and was restored about 10 years ago.

Gay’s dad and aunts came to the hotel to meet us and we had cocktails in the lobby restaurant before dinner. We then took a walk around downtown Spokane, happening upon the eve of the grand opening of a new Apple Store. As usual for Apple events, there were a couple guys waiting in line for the 10am opening the next day — Spokane has weirdos who like to wait in line for no reason too. Whodathunkit that Spokane would get an Apple store?!? Either Spokane is growing or Apple is now that mainstream (I think the latter).

We walked to the Davenport Hotel’s newer hotel, The Davenport Tower, which is really just across the street from the original and had dinner there in the Safari Room.

Rhino riding

House Progress

Gay’s brother is getting married this tomorrow in Spokane. We took the 9am ferry, stopped at Meta Marble to look at some marble samples that the designers like and then we went to the house to check on the progress (after another stop at Top Pot Doughnuts). The master bedroom/bathroom framing is basically done, the kids’ bathroom wall is framed and a new header has been put in place, one of the walls in a kids’ room is re-framed because a door was moving and the plumbers upgraded the 3/4″ water line from the street with a 1 1/4″ pipe.


Saunas, Status and (Ann) Sacks in Seattle

We went back into Seattle today for several things. First, we stopped at Olympic Hot Tub to talk about saunas. There is no other place in Seattle, that I can find, that sells saunas and I wasn’t impressed with Olympic. We want a pre-cut sauna that would be assembled on-site, but I want to buy the heater separately because I want a more efficient Tylö heater. The saleswoman had never heard of Tylö heaters! From what I can tell, that’s like a car salesman never hearing of Mercedes-Benz. They can have a sauna pre-cut kit made, so I asked what kind of wood they’re made out of. She answered “spruce or hemlock”, and seemed surprised that I’d want one made of cedar. Hmm. Before we left, we asked about hot tubs because we’d like to get one eventually. Coincidentally, the “tech guy” came into the showroom and I asked about heating a hot tub with the boiler in the house, since it’s much more efficient than an electric heater. This is a recommended thing to do if your house has a boiler. The tech guy looked at me like I was a martian. He and the saleswoman said they’d never heard of such a thing! Then the tech guy tried to overwhelm us with jargon. I’d had enough of that place and wanted to get out quickly.

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Sunday dinner in Seattle

We had to bring the permit and permitted drawings to the house because they have to be on-site and the contractor wants to call the inspector on Tuesday to have the first inspection appointment. So we took the kids into the city and, after a quick stop at The Beer Junction for a fresh supply of beer and then to the house, we had dinner. We tried to go to Volunteer Park Cafe but they weren’t open for dinner. Next try was Kingfish Cafe, which was open at 5:30 with a line of people waiting outside for the doors to open.

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Interior Elevations

The interior designers completed the first round of elevations for the rooms they’re doing: the kitchen, all the bathrooms and the laundry room. 30 pages of drawings! These specify the exact locations of sinks, faucets, appliances, wall sconces, cabinetry, shelving, shower heads and controls (even the locations of toilet paper holders) as well as wall and floor surfaces. They also included a complete list of fixtures and tiles, although we aren’t yet decided on all of those yet.

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