Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Hudson was born 2 years ago today and he’s come a long way. He’s still a great sleeper and is mostly very laid-back. He follows his sister everywhere and he puts up with a lot of abuse from her but has recently been fighting back and asserting himself. He has a big vocabulary but needs work on his pronunciation. For example, he says “No” for No and “Nyah” for Yes, which are often hard to distinguish and he pronounces his sister’s name “A-wana”, better than “Wa-wa” from a few months ago.

Twice as hard as last year

He loves cars and trucks, which surprises me because I certainly haven’t taught that. His favorite toys are always cars and trucks, he points out trucks on the road and his favorite movie is Pixar’s Cars.

He hates wearing shoes and always wants his shoes off. He seems to have a bug bit allergy as he gets very swollen. He hasn’t had any big injuries since cutting his eyebrow in March, but he’s had quite a few minor ones — he’s just more clumsy than Havana was at his age, I think because his head (90th percentile) is so big relative to his body (55th percentile).

He’s not close to potty-training, although recently has started to sit on the potty to mimic his sister, but doesn’t understand  what he’s supposed to do. He loves peanut butter and honey sandwiches, chocolate Cheerios, dried and fresh blueberries and cashews.

For his birthday, we got him Toy Story and Toy Story 2 DVDs since he loves the Toy Story book on the iPad. We gave him a bunch of books and his big present was a bouncy house, that he can share with Havana. He loved the one we rented for Havana’s birthday so we set up the bouncy house for him but he didn’t want to go in it. Havana sure did, though. We eventually got him in if I went in with him and helped him jump and he liked it more.

We had dinner and then birthday cake. They watched half of Toy Story and then went to bed.

Happy Birthday, Hudson!

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