Doctor's visit and house visit

Hudson had his 2-year doctor’s appointment today, so Gay and I had alone time with him today while Havana had Kelly all to herself. He was weighed and measured, his doc looked him over, he got one shot and we were on our way. Now he only needs to see the doctor once a year. Congratulations, Hudson.
Housewarming Gifts

We went down the street to Metropolitan Market to get some sushi, pasta salad, cherries and some cookies to-go. Hudson fell asleep in the car on the way to the house, so to give him more nap time, I ran into the liquor store to get a bottle of Maker’s 46 — you’re welcome Hudson. He woke up so on after we got to the house. We had lunch on the patio while waiting for Katie and the window guy, Troy (I like him already), to arrive. We chatted with Colin, who got engaged on vacation last week, and he told us that a gift was dropped off at the house. It was two bottles of wine and some homemade bread from one of the people who grew up in the house. With it was a nice card welcoming us to the house.

While Gay walked around with Katie and the window guy, I called Qwest’s tech support (Why is this so hard?) to get the DSL modem set up so the crew has internet access. Doug also arrived to talk about the advice that the structural engineer, Swenson Say Fagét, gave upon his review of the plans and the  house last week. Some of what he said is a concern to us because he thinks the first floor needs new beams in the ceiling to support the changes we’re making on the 2nd floor. We think there already are beams there and we aren’t really changing load-bearing walls or changing the way the load is distributed from above, so neither us or the contractor understand why he thinks this is necessary. Doug is going to talk to him directly and get some clarification.

In the attic, the engineer suggested that we either do nothing with the existing cross-ties or, if we want to get rid of them, to put 3 steel cross-ties in as well as a steel C-beam across all the rafters and put a steel beam underneath the peak of the roof. I think that would look great and open up the space, but Tom thinks we should leave it as-is. Wha?! He thinks that the skylights will bring in so much light that it’s not necessary to really open up the space. Whenever we disagree with Tom we later realize he is right, but I think this time may be different. Gay’s more willing to go with Tom. We need to talk to him and see if he can convince me or I can convince him (who can convince Gay).

One thought on “Doctor's visit and house visit”

  1. First of all, I was shocked to learn Recipezaar was no more. I hope I don’t offend you when I tell you I’m not a big fan of the new site – like the way you did things much better. But, congratulations to you both if this is what you wanted.

    Just wanted to tell you that CMS bottle of wine is one of the best bottles of red wines I’ve ever had! Whoever mixed the grapes got it just right!

    Oh, and congrats on your baby’s birthday! Careful! The growing years FLY by! Your kids will be in their 20’s before you know it. Enjoy every darn day – they’re irreplaceable. (This coming from a mom w/kids in their 20’s and 30’s…sigh.)

    The best to you both on your new adventures!

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