Status Meeting

We had our status meeting with the contractors via phone this morning. Katie and Mark were on vacation today so it was just us talking to Jim and Doug. That went well except that Gay’s iPhone 4 seems to be worse than the 3GS for reception.
They still have more demolition to do but can start on framing the non-structural walls that don’t require a permit soon. We need to finish up some documentation and should be able to apply for our permit by August 31. Hopefully, we’ll get the permit immediately since we’re not messing with many structural walls. Schuchart/Dow is going to get us a list of critical decisions that we need to make so they can keep going and then provide the total list of decisions, in priority order, that we need to make with the architects and interior designers.

The most pressing are the exterior decisions. We need to determine how  few windows will move and/or be resized and the dimensions so they can do the rough-ins, then they can do the stucco work around them. Then we need to get the exterior colors selected so the exterior can be painted and “fog-coated” (coated with fog?) before the weather turns. And before that happens, we need to get the encasements for the existing windows repaired.

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