Cost estimate and work schedule

We were supposed to go to Schuchart/Dow’s office to go over the estimate today but after yesterday’s ferry trouble that we didn’t want to repeat, and because Kelly wanted to leave early for a long weekend we’d lose child care, we decided we’d do a conference call instead.

We had preliminary cost estimates based on vague ideas about our plans. But now that we had design schematics, they could get better estimates. They provided us with the latest estimate and schedule. That meeting went well, about what we expected. We’ve decided to forego insulation altogether other than in the roof and basement. We’re leaning towards a finished concrete floor in the basement too, as opposed to a concrete subfloor with carpeting or something else on top.

The architects are still working on some minor changes and still need to finish our office moving wall, skylights, roof cross-ties, garage, basement stairs and the “barn doors” that will show up in various places in the house. The designers will be working on “elevations” of the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. so we know how the cabinetry, other casework, etc. will look and refining our choices for fixtures and floors.

We will start working with a lighting guy who can help us decide how built-in lighting will be done in the kitchen, basement and offices. Next week, we’ll visit the plumbing showroom to look at fixtures in real life and also at kitchen appliances at the appliance place.

The goal is to have everything decided in the next few weeks so we can start construction with minimal changes while the work is going on. That’s the goal, at least.

We are now getting an idea of how our vision for the house will start becoming a reality.

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