Asbestos Abatement

It took us 2 hours to get over to Seattle today because of ferry delays due to morning fog. Hey Vashon bridge opponents: a bridge always runs on time!

We stopped at the house to do some measurements on the garage and we walked around a bit in the house. The asbestos abatement company is doing their work this week, so nothing much else is going on.

Danger Danger

We made a quick stop at Swedish medical center for Gay to give blood for a study they’re doing on pregnancy and migraines — she doesn’t have migraines, she’s in the control group. Side note: During the last pregnancy, she gave blood for a study trying to see if it was possible to identify and extract baby’s cells from the mother’s blood rather than from the amniotic fluid. It turns out the work was successful so, in a few years, the dangerous method of poking a big needle into a pregnant woman’s stomach will be a thing of the past. Very cool.

We then went to the interior designer’s office to see what they’ve picked out for the house. As usual, they did a great job. We wanted them to try to maintain the style of the house but have a more contemporary look and feel. Ideally, the house would look more like a modern version of the original rather than an old house that was obviously remodeled. Hard to do, especially when you also want modern conveniences and appliances. They picked “subway tile” for our bathroom to recreate the original white tiles of the time, but they look just slightly more modern. I love that. They also picked out some great marble hexagon tiles for the kids’ bathroom that look very much like the original tile that was there, but marble. The marble for the master bathroom and kitchen island looks very classic. They picked a dark wood for cabinetry throughout the house so match the dark wood that already exists in the house. They picked a very cool dark kitchen tile floor with rough edges — it looks very old and worn — and a nice granite for the kitchen counters. They had a great idea for the wood from the Monkey Trees on the powder room counter, which could look amazing. The fixtures for all the sinks is a little up in the air. They picked nice ones, but they’re expensive Dornbracht fixtures, and we just don’t love them enough to justify the cost. They also picked all the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms and the back splash for the butler’s pantry.

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