Megan's 40th Birthday party

Kelly worked today to watch the kids so we could go to Megan’s 40th Birthday Party tonight. We stopped at the grocery store to pick up beer, our assignment for the party. I got some good beers too, that was the best beer selection at a party I’ve been to in a long time! 🙂 Gay made a fruit salad, a pasta salad and crab cakes. Jon bbq’d a salmon and brought the cake. Mary and Melanie made bbq’d corn and had a bunch of appetizers and wine out.

As usual, we had to leave early to catch a reasonable ferry back so Kelly could go home. We can’t move back into the city soon enough.

More proof we live in a small world: The party was at Mary & Melanie’s house, friends of Megan, and Mary went to law school with the youngest kid of the people who we bought our house from. She even had been to the house to study a few times in the 90s. They still keep in touch and figured out, independently of us, that the family sold the house to us. What are the odds of that?

She told her that the previous offer on the house a year earlier was from an older woman who wanted it as a second home that she’d use while visiting Seattle. The family didn’t like that. I think the deal fell apart over price, but she said they were much happier that we are going to live there full-time and raise kids there.

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