This week's house progress

After Gay’s ultrasound appointment, we went to the new house for our weekly progress report. It’s so nice being in the city where you can get from one appointment to another in a few minutes!

Kids' bathroom

The demolition is progressing nicely. The kitchen/family room is almost completely gutted. It’s amazing how well wood that is 100+ years old holds up (if it doesn’t get wet!), the wood behind the walls still looks almost new. The only reason you can tell which are newer studs is that modern studs are 2×4-inch and the old ones are bigger and more rough. They continue to be amazed at how well-built the house is. For example, the studs are all 12 inches apart, most houses, especially of that age, had much farther-spaced studs. The original owner didn’t skimp.

They discovered that the old knob and tube fuse box was left in the house because they used it as a junction box for outlets connected to it. That’s going to take some work to undo. For the first time, now that the walls are down, we can get an idea about the size of the kitchen and family room.

The partition walls in the basement are mostly down to studs now and one wall is removed so we have a better sense of the space there. Part of the basement floor is 2 inches lower than the rest and we can’t figure out why. We talked about options to level it throughout the basement.

The kids’ bathroom upstairs is down to studs. We discovered that the plumbing drain that serves the attic bathroom goes through the ceiling so moving the bathroom in the attic to the east side of the house will require plumbing in the ceiling of the kids’ bathroom. This means that the ceiling will be a foot lower to accommodate the drain. I’m not that happy about that, but it could just lower part of the ceiling over the shower and toilet, so it wouldn’t be that noticeable. Or maybe it could be an exposed pipe?

A problem for our current design for the master bath is that the joists in the ceiling run east-west and we expected them to run north-south. This means that the wall we assumed was load-bearing isn’t and the wall we assumed wasn’t load-bearing is. We’ve been working with new designs for the bathroom to account for this.

We left the house, grabbed pizza from Zeek’s on the way home and made the 5:40p ferry. A pretty quick trip into the city and back.

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