Month: August 2010

Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Hudson was born 2 years ago today and he’s come a long way. He’s still a great sleeper and is mostly very laid-back. He follows his sister everywhere and he puts up with a lot of abuse from her but has recently been fighting back and asserting himself. He has a big vocabulary but needs work on his pronunciation. For example, he says “No” for No and “Nyah” for Yes, which are often hard to distinguish and he pronounces his sister’s name “A-wana”, better than “Wa-wa” from a few months ago.

Twice as hard as last year

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House Progress

We had a few meeting with the interior designers today. We met Nancy at a house that is being finished that she worked on that is similar to what they’re recommending for our house so we could see some of the things in-person. Then we met Lara at the house to do some measurements for the elevations they’re doing that show the cabinetry, wall-coverings, fixtures, etc. Then we went to their office to meet with Nancy, My and Lara to go over the fixtures and finishes. Lots of running around with no lunch.

Basement demolition

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House Progress

Gay went into Seattle for a doctor’s appointment and a hair appointment, then met the lighting guy at the house so he could provide an estimate to do the lighting design. She also went back to Albert Lee for more info on appliances so we could make our final decisions on those.

The asbestos abatement people finished on Monday so the house is asbestos-free and they’re taking up the hardwood floors from the basement. The floor in the basement has two levels, differing by 2 inches. We are going to level the floor by adding a layer of concrete to the low part so the hardwood floor has to be removed. The hardwood flooring is mostly in good shape with a nice patina and should be able to be used for something else. The tile flooring in the attic has been removed leaving decent fir flooring that we can refinish.

Sonic Boom

This afternoon I heard and felt two loud explosions that shook the house. It felt like a bomb went off at the neighbor’s house. I thought it was a big earthquake because you always hear a loud sound when an earthquake starts. It turns out that Obama was in Seattle today (he lived on Capitol Hill as an infant, by the way), a small sea plane inadvertently entered the restricted airspace around the President, two F-15 fighters scrambled to intercept causing a sonic boom. I’ve never heard one before. The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network captured it on their instruments.

Appliances and fixtures

Got up at 5:30am, had breakfast, Kelly got here a little early and we got on the 8:15a ferry. Went to Albert Lee to look at appliances, Best Plumbing and Seattle Interiors to look at fixtures, had a delicious lunch and a beer at Brouwer’s Cafe and then went to Schuchart/Dow’s office to tour their metal shop and their wood shop. They have a very cool office space with lots of the exposed wood and steel plating that we like. The metal shop is industrial with big steel workbenches that came from Boeing. They were building a huge steel table for a client that was going to have an ice bucket in the middle of it. I wish I had taken a photo of it. The wood shop was building a couple sets of cabinetry and, thanks to my ability to ask a lot of dumb questions, we got a little education on wood and laminates. They’ll be building our cabinetry and I assume the metal shop will be making the steel for our deck railings and parts of doors.

Katie then took us to a few houses they worked on to see pivot doors they’ve made so we could see what we think of them and how we want ours to work. The walls in our family room will be doors that open up to create a bigger indoor/outdoor space. They’re too big to be supported by hinges, so they will pivot open instead. We wanted to see and touch similar doors. We were concerned that they’d be too heavy and difficult to open, but they aren’t. And they look very nice. We also saw a few “barn doors” in different styles that will be in various around the house. I can’t wait to see what our doors are going to look like.

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