More house work

Outside of bathroom

Back in the city for several reasons today. After stopping at West Seattle’s new beer store, The Beer Junction, to get a bunch of good beers (I love Seattle’s beer scene!), we went to Toth Construction‘s office. We’re having them bid on the project too and they had their proposal ready. Then we went to the house were we met with the architects, Dan and Todd, to see their ideas.

They made some improvements to our design for the kitchen/family room. We like their design to remove the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. Our design had just a 2nd doorway but left the wall mostly intact because we wanted to have the dishwasher and sink hidden behind the wall. They shifted some things around and showed us how it would remain hidden but we could open up the wall. They also made the island longer and they should come up with a really cool dining room-facing side of the island. They did a better job with the family room too and had some good ideas for making it an indoor-outdoor living area. This room is going to be fantastic.

On the master bedroom and bath, our design was better. They tried some different things but we all agreed they didn’t work as well. They need to refine our design and the master bed and bath should be done.

They didn’t change our design for the basement much, although they did a much better job with the bathroom area. Before today, Gay and I realized that the gym area wasn’t going to work well as designed by us. Their design had the same problem. We talked about this for a while and all agreed that the gym should move. I think the basement design is all but done at this point.

The powder room design on the main floor was good (Tom’s quick solution from the last meeting), but the space is so tight it’s hard to fit the sink and toilet in the space well. Gay and I made some changes to that and they agreed. I think that’s done.

Their design for the attic was close to ours but it’s still a difficult area to design for our offices, bathroom and a guest room. This will take some more work and thinking.

In other news, Qwest activated the phone line today which is required for the security system, which is required by the insurance company. The security system will be activated tomorrow. All the fixtures and miscellaneous stuff we gave to Second Use was removed.

Demolition is progressing. The master bath is down to the studs. Most of the attic ceiling was taken down so that we could see the height of the peaked roof. That looks great, but the roof is being held up by the cross-ties, which ruin the effect of a cathedral ceiling. We talked about a solution and we’re leaning towards removing them all and replacing them with cables. We’ll see if the architects have any better ideas.

After this meeting, we left the house and went out to dinner at Restaurant Zoe to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. Technically, our anniversary is Saturday but we didn’t want to come into the city again especially since the dreaded Seafair is this weekend when the city is overrun with yahoos.

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