Demolition Progress

We’re giving most of the plumbing and electrical fixtures and some other things to Second Use and they’re picking it all up tomorrow. This is handy because they do all the removal so we don’t have to pay the labor to have it removed and they pay us a portion of the fair market value for the stuff (and then they re-sell it).

Sitz bath

Kelly and Stuart are building a house right now so we offered the stuff to her too and she wanted a few items. So we met her, Stuart and his brothers at the house so they could take it before tomorrow. She got a 6-foot clawfoot tub (heavy!), a sink, the dishwasher (which was pretty new) and the Sitz bath that the kids liked to play in.

The ADT guy also came to the house to get us set up with the security system, which is required by the insurance company during the renovation.

We hired a neighbor kid to mow the lawn at least until we move in. He came over so we could meet and mowed it for the first time this evening. I used to have my own little lawn-mowing business when I was a kid so I love to help another kid in his business.

Megan also stopped by and we went out to dinner with her. Megan lost a good friend suddenly on Sunday morning to a brain aneurysm and needed a distraction. Gay knew him from high school too and I met him at Megan & Jon’s wedding less than 2 years ago — we sat at the same table with him, his girlfriend, his brother and his wife. A really nice guy. He was in good shape, only 40 and just had his first baby in February. It’s yet another reminder of how short life is and how suddenly and unexpectedly it can end.

We got the first look at the demolition progress. The kitchen is almost completely demolished, the room behind it is mostly demolished, they’ve removed the surface of one of the walls in the basement (proving it’s not load-bearing) and the master bathroom is mostly demolished. They also removed the carpet from the master bedroom and discovered a well-preserved maple floor. Nice. As suspected, the house seems to have zero insulation in the exterior walls. They just didn’t use insulation in 1909. This is important because there’s not much point in replacing the single-pane windows with more insulating double-pane windows if the walls themselves aren’t insulated. We will probably want to add insulation and put it in the rooms where we aren’t renovating with as little destruction to those areas as possible.

5 thoughts on “Demolition Progress”

  1. Congrads on the house. Now the clawfoot tub? I would have kept that. I loved my mothers. I could fill it up and soak up to my neck in it. Just loved it. Yeah they are heavy but the last. I miss that tub.

  2. We’re not bathtub people, we won’t even have one in our bathroom. We have one in our current bathroom and we used it once in 9 years and then wondered why we did. At least this one went to someone we know.

  3. Cute picture of H & H, cute tub, too. I’ve never seen a tub that small, would have made a cute flower pot for the back yard, but nice that someone got if for it’s intended use. Sound like the renovations are coming along nicely, and fast! Enjoy watching the progress!


  4. It’s not a bathtub, it’s more of a chair. It’s a a “Sitz bath”, which is a homeopathic remedy that was popular in the early 1900s or so. They put salt, herbs and things in the water and you sat in it to cure your ills. I guess they thought your nether regions were the source of, or the solution to, many ailments.

    You can still buy Sitz baths today, they just look like this these days: And they’re used more for specific treatments.

  5. I would almost agree on bath tubs but I fell in love with that huge tub. I had this habit of falling asleep in it when I was home from the Navy. I think it was such a change from the USN showers it just won my heart that I could soak and besides you didn’t have 85 other guys screaming for the shower.

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