First night in the new house

We made it onto the 9:40a ferry to Seattle and, thanks to the lane closure on the West Seattle bridge, didn’t get to the house until just before 11a. Havana and Hudson immediately ran through the entire house pointing out every room they found as if we’d never seen it before. They were pretty excited.

There were sunflowers and a very nice hand-made (with a photo she took in India, apparently) card were in the house from one of the family members who grew up in the house welcoming us:

Card from owners

Nancy, My and Laura came over for another walk-through now that we have plans closer to what we will do. We are having other contractors give us estimates too so there was about 20 people walking through the house.

We set up camp in the master bedroom and the kids took an afternoon nap. We met some more neighbors that stopped by to introduce themselves. Then we went to the grocery store and picked up some champagne, beer and other stuff to celebrate. Megan, Jon, Eric, Steve, Steve, Renuka, Owen and Claire all came over around 6 and we popped open the champagne and beer and ordered pizzas from Mad Pizza. Pizza delivery is one of the things I have been looking forward to the most being back in the city — there’s no such thing as that on Vashon (technically, just recently there has been, but not from the good pizza place).

While standing outside, a guy came over and asked us if we were the new owners. He is friends with the a grand-daughter (great grand-daughter?) of Andrew Hemrich, the beer baron, father of Rainier Beer, who built the house in 1909. She lives nearby and has never been inside the house. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to show it to her before the renovation begins.

One of our new neighbors is a guy we worked with in Outlook at Microsoft and his wife and 2 kids — he was even one of the people who interviewed me for a job while I was visiting in 1996, so he’s partly responsible for me living here in the first place, meeting Gay, etc. He and his wife saw us in the yard and welcomed us to the neighborhood. Small world.

Everyone left by 10p, the kids were in bed and Gay and I sat on the front porch for an hour. The temperature was mid-60s but I was wearing shorts and a short-sleeve shirt. At our place on Vashon, without protection from the breeze off the water, we can’t stay out past 8pm without a fleece and long pants on! It’s going to be fun living in the city again. We spent our 30s in the country and will spend our 40s in the city — not the typical migration path.

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