Taking possession of the house

We are taking possession of the house today at 9pm. The previous owners were being a little difficult about it. We were originally supposed to take possession yesterday but, because the closing was delayed a day, they decided they’d be sticklers and make us wait another 24  hours to take possession. They insisted on this even though they had over 30 days since we agreed on the sale and they only found out that it would be delayed hours before it was delayed.

It wasn’t a big deal to us, but we had already scheduled the hazardous materials guy to take samples to test for asbestos at 9am today. Their tests take 48  hours to complete so we couldn’t start any demolition until then, so it was important to us to have the samples done today so demolition can start Thursday. Yesterday afternoon, their agent told our agent that we would have to reschedule it — and on a Sunday when their office is closed. No explanation, no apology. They said they need to “have time with the house to say goodbye”. They had 2 years while the house was on the market and they had over 30 days since it was sold to have their time with the house, why do they need this extra 24 hours that they didn’t even know they had until last Thursday??!

It seemed to us that they were just being difficult because they could be difficult. They demanded to have until 9pm Monday night. We explained to them that we just need a couple hours in the morning and they could have the rest of the day with the house. They still refused.

We tried to be accommodating, but we’d had enough. Since we are the owners, and essentially their landlords, and because the contract stipulated that we were to receive a key upon closing and we were legally allowed”reasonable access” to the house, our agent told their agent that we wanted a key and that we’re coming in at 9am anyway.

When we got there this morning, there were two people from the family there. The guy was nice enough, came to meet us, congratulate us on the house, etc. But his sister introduced herself and said something to the effect of “I want my expectations set. How long will you be here?” She wasn’t angry or forceful, but it was weird. They were still packing up the last bit of stuff in one room upstairs, they were essentially done. Why didn’t they hire movers?! There was hardly any furniture in the place, it was mostly just boxes in the house when we were looking at it weeks before. A moving company could have cleared the place out in hours and it would have only cost a couple hundred bucks. We explained that we wouldn’t be long and we’d stay out of their way.

As we walked around the place with we were asked two more times how long we’d be there in the same way (“I want my expectations set. How long will you be here?”) and, as we were walking out of the house, their agent called our agent telling her that they wanted us to leave immediately. We never bothered them and we weren’t in their way. Weird. They said she had bad asthma and was very sensitive to dirt in the air, but I think she might be super-paranoid about people in the house, like she’s scared of everyone. Apparently, she demanded that their agent be in the house for all showings even if a buyer’s agent was showing the house, which is unusual in the real estate world.

Today, there was a crucifix on the wall and a Virgin Mary on the countertop in the dining room that were not there before. Do Catholics do exorcisms or perform some ceremony when they sell houses and does it have to happen on the last day???

Anyway…. I’m glad we got to meet at least some of the family, even if it wasn’t that friendly of a meeting. And they wished us many happy years in the house as they had had.

We went out to lunch, had duplicate keys of the house made, went to Gay’s quick doctor’s appointment and barely made the 3:05p ferry home.

Now the action starts. We’re heading back again tomorrow morning to meet with the interior designer again and to show them our drawings for the changes we’re going to make. Then we’ll spend the day at the house with the kids taking the “before” photos for the before & after photos. Some friends are stopping by in the evening to celebrate with us. We’re going to spend the night so that we’ll be there Wednesday morning to meet Tom and Dan, the architects, and when some construction people will be there to prepare for the demolition on Thursday.

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