Maker's 46

I finally found Maker’s 46 not sold out. I stopped by a liquor store a couple weeks ago and they had sold out of it 2 hours after its arrival. I tried again last week, but called first and they didn’t have any. Today, I found it at the liquor store on Broadway on Capitol Hill. It’s supposed to be like regular Maker’s Mark but more of the goodness: more spicy and more cinnamon-y and more sweet. Sounds pretty good to me. I can’t wait to try it.

Maker's 46

Update: I tried it. It’s very good. It is spicier and sweeter, as expected, but it was smoother than the regular Maker’s Mark, which was not expected. And it has a slightly more alcohol (47% vs 45%) but it has a much smaller alcohol nose than the regular.

Comparing it to Maker’s Mark:

Maker's Mark & Maker's 46

There must be something I don’t understand about the bourbon market. Who is Maker’s Mark going after with this? I’ve tried lots of bourbons and whiskies so I think I understand the different tastes, at least of the bigger players in the market. Maker’s Mark is spicier and sweeter than anything else I’ve tried already, so making a new product that is even more so doesn’t make sense to me. I can’t imagine Knob Creek drinkers, who presumably prefer less spicy and less sweet, or Basil Hayden drinkers, who presumably prefer the more grassy medicinal taste, are going to jump over Maker’s Mark and go for this. Booker’s is the only bourbon I can think of that is as big as this. It has 2/3 as much alcohol as Booker’s, though, so maybe Booker’s drinkers will prefer something that is also flavorful but with lower alcohol (and a much lower price). I hope it’s successful and sticks around. At the same price as the regular Maker’s Mark, I may start making this my standard bourbon.

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