Day: July 19, 2010

TdF: Contador controversy

Contador took the race lead today after attacking race-leader Andy Schleck after he had a mechanical problem. I’m no fan of crybaby Contador and I hate to see him win the Tour that way, but it’s part of the sport.

When interviewed about it, he shouldn’t have lied and said he didn’t know he had a problem — the guy was standing still when he rode around him. How could he have not known?!? At least he was booed when he took the podium to put on the yellow jersey. I’ve never seen/heard that before.

Maybe Contador will have a mechanical and lose the race this week. He’ll whine that it’s unfair when it happens to him, I’m sure. That’d be fun to see.

Cervélo team owner Gerard Vroomen got it right:

Contador just gained a great chance to win, but he lost the chance to win greatly.

Terrible news

Kelly told us this morning that she just heard that a friend of hers was killed in Afghanistan this weekend. We realized she was talking about Robert Bennedsen, the model in “this blog post”:, and the son of our friends Scott and Tracy. Tracy did flowers for our wedding and Scott cooked the pig for the wedding feast.

He was just 25 years old. We only met him a couple times at their July 4th parties. He was a good smart kid and had far too short a life.

Our condolences to Scott & Tracy.

Seattle Times article.

Taking possession of the house

We are taking possession of the house today at 9pm. The previous owners were being a little difficult about it. We were originally supposed to take possession yesterday but, because the closing was delayed a day, they decided they’d be sticklers and make us wait another 24 ¬†hours to take possession. They insisted on this even though they had over 30 days since we agreed on the sale and they only found out that it would be delayed hours before it was delayed.

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Maker's 46

I finally found Maker’s 46 not sold out. I stopped by a liquor store a couple weeks ago and they had sold out of it 2 hours after its arrival. I tried again last week, but called first and they didn’t have any. Today, I found it at the liquor store on Broadway on Capitol Hill. It’s supposed to be like regular Maker’s Mark but more of the goodness: more spicy and more cinnamon-y and more sweet. Sounds pretty good to me. I can’t wait to try it.

Maker's 46
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