Closing on the house

We were supposed to close yesterday, but the insurance, of all things, took forever and ended up being a few hours late so closing was postponed a day. This morning, we took the 10:30a ferry into Seattle to Chicago Title Co in the Columbia Tower for 30 minutes of signing papers.

Chicago Title Company

Then we went to a celebratory lunch in our new neighborhood at Cafe Vios — a good Greek casual kid-friendly (a kids playroom inside) restaurant just a few minutes’ walk from home. I likes. One of my complaints about Seattle has always been the lack of good Greek places, but maybe that’s not true anymore with Vios.

On the way home, we stopped at Utrecht for some drafting supplies (tracing paper, a new scale, pencils, etc.) so we can keep playing architects for the remodel.

Update: We officially closed at 4pm. Conveniently, today is Friday so we celebrated with our usual Friday Manhattans.

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