Block Party

We went to our first block party on our new street tonight. They have a huge grill that they wheel out to the middle of the block and everyone grilled their dinner, drank beer and wine and the kids run around.

Block party

Havana and Hudson had a great time playing with all the other kids. Hudson seemed to have a crush on a girl named Campbell and spent most of his time with her. We aren’t used to just letting them run around without us watching them, but all the other older kids watched them for us. The weather was perfect. At our place on Vashon, you can’t sit outside past 8 or 9pm without getting cold, even after a 90° day because we get a cool breeze off the water. We left just before 10pm and it was still nice on Capitol Hill. Havana fell asleep in the car but Hudson was so energized he was wide awake the whole way home.

Everyone we met was great and everyone offered advice on the remodeling we’re going to do. It seems every house on the block has had some remodeling over the years. They all think we’re optimistic to believe it’ll only take 9-10 months. Yikes.

We learned a few things about our house: They really did have 13 kids. They owned a house down the street and had 10 kids in that house and then moved to our house and had 3 more; we met the couple who bought their house from them years ago. The wood floors are so well-preserved because they put red shag carpeting throughout the house. Lucky for us! The house was featured in Better Homes & Gardens in the 1930s as “one of the most beautiful houses on the west coast” or something like that. That’s probably a bit of a stretch, but we’re hoping we can restore its charm and character.

I did an informal poll of people about the Monkey Puzzle trees in our yard and all but one would prefer to see them go — some equal my disgust of them. Even the one holdout just likes them because they’re unique (I’ll grant him that), not because they’re attractive. That’s good news because Monkey Puzzle trees are the most and only disturbing tree I’ve ever seen and I want to get rid of them while not upsetting the neighbors who I worried might like them. They also drop “leaves” that are like razor blades, so removing them is a public safety service.

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