Day: July 7, 2010

Block Party Invite

We’re not even officially owners of the house yet and we were invited to the block party this Friday. One of the residents of the street emailed our real estate agent asking him to forward the invite to us. Very neighborly! I guess they block the street off, have a barbecue grill and drinks and the kids play and ride bikes in the street. They do this a few times every summer. Sounds great. They even have a mailing list for the neighborhood and they added us to it already. I’m already liking living there.

When we lived in Seattle in the late 90s we’d heard of neighborhood block parties, even saw a few, but our street never had one. If my memory is accurate (unlikely), I recall attending a block party once on our street when I was a kid.

It should give us a chance to apologize in advance for the construction we’re going to introduce to the neighborhood. 😉