Washington Brewers Festival

We went to the “Washington Brewers Festival”:http://washingtonbeer.com/wabf.htm at St. Edward Park today. We met up with Jon, Megan and Megan’s brother, Matt.

This is the first beer festival I’ve ever been to. With the paid admission, you get a little glass and 6 tokens for beer samples, which amounts to 1.5 pints of beer. It’s a good way to sample beers and there were lots that I’ve never had before. But you have to wait in lines to get the beer, especially for the good beers, and they run out of some of the beers, especially the good beers. And there’s a lot of people there who are really there just to get drunk.

They had a beer garden (with no chairs?!) that we didn’t go into. You could drink all you want outside the beer garden and you could drink all you want inside the beer garden. But the guarded gate was a no-beer-zone — you couldn’t enter or leave with a beer. You could also have kids outside the beer garden around all the beer sampling booths where the beer is paid for with wooden tokens but kids weren’t allowed into the beer garden where you need cash to buy beer. US alcohol laws are idiotic. Problems aside, we had some good beers and there was a play area for kids with a few bouncy houses that the kids loved.

After the festival, we drove by the new house to make sure it was still there and then we met Jon, Megan and Matt at the Elysian for dinner. We left Elysian at 10pm, the kids fell asleep immediately in the car, we missed the 10:20pm ferry and had to wait for the 11:40pm ferry. So we didn’t get home until after midnight. It’s effectively a 2-hour trip from Capitol Hill to Vashon. If we lived in Capitol Hill, we would have been home less than five minutes after dinner.

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