Day: June 14, 2010

Sh*t My Kids Fixed

This is one my favorite sites: Shit My Kids Ruined. I can relate. But I have to give my kids some credit. A few months ago our digital camera suddenly stopped working with the infamous “Lens Error. Restart camera.” message — the lens gets stuck and won’t retract. We tried the best instructions we could find but couldn’t fix it. It was out of the warranty period so I bought a replacement camera for Mother’s Day and we let the kids have the broken one to play with — they love playing with things that have buttons. A couple days later I found it on the living room floor with the lens retracted. How’d they do that? No amount of pushing on it could get it to go back in for me. I decided to put the battery back in and see if it was fixed and it worked! How’d they do that??! Now we have two functioning cameras. Thanks kids!