Negotiations on the house are almost over

We delivered our list of inspection items to the seller of the house this evening. Technically, our agent delivered it to their agent. While the list is shorter than we thought it’d be, there’s some things that add up to real dollars: new boiler, leaking pipes, removal of asbestos wrap on the heating pipes, galvanized pipe (blech!) replacement, garage roof leaks, some electrical repair, and minor repairs to the window sills, etc.

My guess is that they are going to refuse to budge and argue that none of this stuff needs to be done. The owner of the house passed away in 2008 and her 9 (!) children are all involved in the negotiations, which makes it more difficult for them to come to a consensus. They all grew up in the house, I think, so it’s not surprising that they wouldn’t see the problems with the house.

We should know in a few days whether we will be looking for another house.

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