Inspection Day #2

We took the 9am ferry, stopped at Top Pot for doughnuts to feed everyone and got to the house right on time at 10am. Doug and two others from Schuchart/Dow were already there. Their sub-contractors for plumbing, electrical, floors, painting, stucco, heating/AC, windows, drywall all showed up and Doug took them through the house so they could write up estimates for necessary repairs and for the extra work we want to do.

We really like Schuchart/Dow. They’re organized, they understand what we want, they don’t sugar-coat anything and they seem to get the best sub-contractors in Seattle. I’ve met lots of plumbers, electricians, painters, HVAC guys, etc. over the years and I haven’t dealt with many that aren’t gruff and impersonal. Everyone we’ve met has been very friendly and answer our dumb questions without talking down to us.

We have a couple more inspections to get done: sewer and pest and possibly a mold inspection. We were very nervous a couple weeks ago about going against the advice of our real estate agent and Jim Dow, so this information is helping us to better understand the risks. Hopefully by the end of the week, we’ll have cost estimates for the repair work and for the additional work. Based on that, we can decide if we really want to buy it.

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