Day: June 1, 2010

Moving back to Seattle

18 months ago we decided to stay put on Vashon and build a new house to replace our house that is one bedroom too small and that we generally don’t like. We hired an architect, fired that architect and then hired a much better architect. We got throughout schematic design and had a great design. But we were increasingly weary of committing to raising the kids on Vashon for the next 20 years. The crazy Vashon people and their fear of progress, the lousy elementary and middle schools, the low percentage (50%) of high school kids going to college and the lack of diversity make for a place where I’d regret raising the kids. I went to high school where education and learning were not respected and very few of my friends went to college. I could do better than that for my kids.

We started house-hunting in the San Francisco area. We figured if there was a good time to buy in San Francisco, the Great American Housing Crisis was it. We took 3 trips down there but couldn’t find anything we liked or could afford in or out of the city. Then we started house-hunting in Seattle, which seemed cheap in comparison to San Francisco.
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