The power of the internet (and Yelp)

We planned to go to the Volunteer Park Cafe last night and made a reservation the day before. We ended up not being able to make it so I called to cancel my reservation. I always do this and even call when we’re running late for a reservation because it’s the right thing to do. I imagine most people don’t call and just don’t show up so the restaurant is left holding a table too long. I assume that’s why I’ve _always_ been thanked for it. I was surprised, however, when the person I talked to wasn’t appreciative and sarcastically said “Thanks for canceling at the super last-minute” (“super last-minute” being three hours before the 7pm reservation). I thought it was such bad form that I posted my first-ever review on Yelp about it.

This afternoon, having seen the review, the manager called me to apologize and explain that it was him I talked to and that he was having a stressful day. He was very contrite. Little things like that go a long way and I have a lot more respect for someone who can admit that they were wrong and apologize for it.

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