Reid & Marissa's Wedding

Tonight was Reid & Marissa’s wedding at The Rainier Club. We’d never been to the Rainier Club before, but it’s an old Seattle landmark and beautiful building right in downtown.


The ceremony was the shortest I’ve ever been to. It may have lasted all of 5 minutes. They presiding judge gave the “We are gathered here today…” spiel and they went straight into the vows and that was it and we were off to the ballroom downstairs for the reception. That’s how quick all weddings should be! A friend who was married in Las Vegas said his ceremony was longer.

It was a perfect Seattle night and the Rainier Club is such a classic Seattle building it felt great to be there, especially out on the balcony surrounded by the lights of downtown. During cocktail hour (a good Manhattan crowd, reminded me of our wedding), food was served by several waiters walking around. Everything was delicious, especially the Roquefort-stuffed mushrooms. Dinner and cake was also very good.

We saw lots of friends we hadn’t seen in a long time, so we ended up staying longer than planned and took the 11:40pm ferry home. Poor Kelly, two late baby-sitting nights in a row.

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