Happy Mother's Day, Gay

Gay had her 3rd Mother’s Day today. We were all tired because I went to a Bachelor Party last night and Gay got the kids up at 1am to come pick me up (as planned, not because I was stranded somewhere embarrassing in a drunken stupor). So we didn’t get to bed until 2am and got up at 6am with Havana.

I got her a few books and the kids chipped in and got her a new camera to replace the one she got two years ago for Mother’s Day, which broke a few weeks ago.

The weather was great. I got the hammock stand out of the garage, put it together with help from Havana and Hudson, and got some use out of it for the first time this year. Gay took Havana to her afternoon dance recital and Hudson and I hung out in the hammock for a while. Later, Reid and Mark stopped by on their way home from the Bachelor Party to return my jacket I left there and we had a couple beers in the backyard. It was a relaxing day.

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