Tahoe, California

Made it to Tahoe, via Reno. 3 states in one day.

We stayed a night in Klamath Falls, Oregon and if it weren’t for a local
brewpub I’d say it was a terrible idea. No, it was still a terrible idea — I’d have rather listened to the soothing sounds of tired kids stuck in car seats to exposing myself to the town of Klamath Falls. That place has seen better days. One memorable moment was arriving at the brewpub and hearing as soon as Gay opened the car door, a mom pushing a baby stroller being trailed by 2 kids yell “Stop touchin’ shit!”. That’s some parentin’!

From there, we drove to Tahoe stopping at the Black Bear Diner in Susanville to experience some more local color, which amounts to talk of guns and the hassles of gun permits. Then for gas in Reno to check Reno off my list of places to see before I die. Not sure why Reno was on that list but Gay is glad it’s finally off it. Who is Reno for? The people who think Las Vegas is too classy?

The drive from Reno to Tahoe was fun through the snow-covered mountains. Tahoe feels like civilization again.

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