Bend, Oregon

We stopped for lunch outside Portland in Gresham. We picked up sandwiches from Subway and looked for a park where the kids could play after eating. We and another driver coming the opposite direction at an intersection avoided being hit by an idiot who flew through a red light seemingly unaware that they almost slammed into 2 cars.

After lunch and play time at a windy park, we drove through Mt. Hood national park, by Mt. Hood and down to Bend. We checked into the hotel, The Oxford Hotel: great location, a big room, nice gym with a view and a unhurried noon check-out time. We had dinner at the original Deschutes brewpub just around the corner. The kids barely napped in the car so they went to sleep easily.

Bend is a sunny cute little town surrounded by snow-covered mountains. I could stay here another day or two.

We have a short drive today to Klamath Falls so we’re going to stop by the Deschutes Brewery before we leave Bend and get some shirts or something.

One thought on “Bend, Oregon”

  1. Boy! you were lucky to have avoided that irresponsible red light offender. Hope that won’t happen again. The kids seem to enjoy traveling, and the parks! good idea to burn off some of their energy. We’re enjoying your trip, too so keep posting!


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