Hudson's first stitches

Last night before dinner Gay heard Hudson crying and found him laying on the floor next to the living room steps. He had a cut above his left eye. We put Neosporin and a Band-Aid on it and thought he’d be okay. He stopped crying, at least.

Gay was still worried about it since it was on his face and could end up as a scar. I tried to convince her that he’d be fine and we went to bed. At 12:30am, Havana was woken up by the wind and rain on her window and came into our room. I discovered that Gay wasn’t there and didn’t find her in Hudson’s room either. I checked my phone and found a text message from Gay. At midnight, she decided to take Hudson to the hospital in Seattle. Havana slept with me in our bed and Gay and Hudson got home at 6am. Hudson got 4 stitches and hopefully will not have a scar. He slept a couple more hours and seems to be back to normal, with some puffiness over his eye where they put the local anesthesia.

Hudson's 1st stitches

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