Day: March 1, 2010

Ear infection solution

I’m documenting this here so I can diagnose myself the next time this happens…

On the flight back from San Francisco I put my in-ear headphones in and a few minutes later Gay said something to me so I took the right one out to hear her. The ear bud came off and was stuck in my ear and I couldn’t get it out. I had to wait until I got home 3 hours later to remove it. After removing it, I still felt like my ear was plugged. It started to hurt more and more over the next day.

Gay had a similar problem a couple years ago and was prescribed Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Hydrocortisone OTIC Suspension, USP. She didn’t use it all and kept it in her drawer. So I tried it. The next day the pain was gone and the day after that my ear was fine again.


Before my next flight, I’m going to get noise-canceling headphones that don’t go in my ear.