Month: March 2010

Gary Danko

We didn’t get a chance to go to Gary Danko’s restaurant down the street from our hotel the last time couple times we were here, so we made it a priority this time. We got a babysitter for the kids and went early to get a seat at the bar since they require a 2-month reservation for a table.

Baked Alaska

We both got the tasting menu with changes so we could share and try more things. All the food was great, but the salmon wasn’t the best I’ve ever had and the service could have been better — we waited far too long for the entrees. This is the first time we’ve been to a super-foodie restaurant since Murano in London. It wasn’t as good an experience as we had at Murano, which was perfect in every way, but we ate at the bar rather than at a table, which I presume is where the better servers work, and it also wasn’t as expensive (although it was close).

Tahoe, California

Made it to Tahoe, via Reno. 3 states in one day.

We stayed a night in Klamath Falls, Oregon and if it weren’t for a local
brewpub I’d say it was a terrible idea. No, it was still a terrible idea — I’d have rather listened to the soothing sounds of tired kids stuck in car seats to exposing myself to the town of Klamath Falls. That place has seen better days. One memorable moment was arriving at the brewpub and hearing as soon as Gay opened the car door, a mom pushing a baby stroller being trailed by 2 kids yell “Stop touchin’ shit!”. That’s some parentin’!

From there, we drove to Tahoe stopping at the Black Bear Diner in Susanville to experience some more local color, which amounts to talk of guns and the hassles of gun permits. Then for gas in Reno to check Reno off my list of places to see before I die. Not sure why Reno was on that list but Gay is glad it’s finally off it. Who is Reno for? The people who think Las Vegas is too classy?

The drive from Reno to Tahoe was fun through the snow-covered mountains. Tahoe feels like civilization again.

Bend, Oregon

We stopped for lunch outside Portland in Gresham. We picked up sandwiches from Subway and looked for a park where the kids could play after eating. We and another driver coming the opposite direction at an intersection avoided being hit by an idiot who flew through a red light seemingly unaware that they almost slammed into 2 cars.

After lunch and play time at a windy park, we drove through Mt. Hood national park, by Mt. Hood and down to Bend. We checked into the hotel, The Oxford Hotel: great location, a big room, nice gym with a view and a unhurried noon check-out time. We had dinner at the original Deschutes brewpub just around the corner. The kids barely napped in the car so they went to sleep easily.

Bend is a sunny cute little town surrounded by snow-covered mountains. I could stay here another day or two.

We have a short drive today to Klamath Falls so we’re going to stop by the Deschutes Brewery before we leave Bend and get some shirts or something.

Road Trip 2010

On our way to Bend, Oregon…

After washing and cleaning the Jeep, I tried to start it to put in the garage and it wouldn’t start. It sounds like the starter is bad. Googling seems to show that this is a common problem with Commanders. So we took the Lexus instead and will hope that there’s no snow in Tahoe.

Removed Hudson's stitches

We took Hudson to his pediatrician to get his stitches removed. Poor guy, we had to hold him down and still so she could remove them and he got scared of the tweezers and scissors coming toward his eye. He kept yelling “Dop! Dop!” (“Stop! Stop!” in Hudson-speak) which is not fun to hear for a parent. He quickly forgot about it after it was done and we went to lunch after where he had fun playing with the salt and pepper shakers. The cut looks good so far. Hopefully it won’t have much scarring, if any.

Hudson's first stitches

Last night before dinner Gay heard Hudson crying and found him laying on the floor next to the living room steps. He had a cut above his left eye. We put Neosporin and a Band-Aid on it and thought he’d be okay. He stopped crying, at least.

Gay was still worried about it since it was on his face and could end up as a scar. I tried to convince her that he’d be fine and we went to bed. At 12:30am, Havana was woken up by the wind and rain on her window and came into our room. I discovered that Gay wasn’t there and didn’t find her in Hudson’s room either. I checked my phone and found a text message from Gay. At midnight, she decided to take Hudson to the hospital in Seattle. Havana slept with me in our bed and Gay and Hudson got home at 6am. Hudson got 4 stitches and hopefully will not have a scar. He slept a couple more hours and seems to be back to normal, with some puffiness over his eye where they put the local anesthesia.

Hudson's 1st stitches

Ear infection solution

I’m documenting this here so I can diagnose myself the next time this happens…

On the flight back from San Francisco I put my in-ear headphones in and a few minutes later Gay said something to me so I took the right one out to hear her. The ear bud came off and was stuck in my ear and I couldn’t get it out. I had to wait until I got home 3 hours later to remove it. After removing it, I still felt like my ear was plugged. It started to hurt more and more over the next day.

Gay had a similar problem a couple years ago and was prescribed Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Hydrocortisone OTIC Suspension, USP. She didn’t use it all and kept it in her drawer. So I tried it. The next day the pain was gone and the day after that my ear was fine again.


Before my next flight, I’m going to get noise-canceling headphones that don’t go in my ear.