Day: January 21, 2010

Hudson Baby

I first found out that a bourbon named after Hudson exists in April last year and read good things about it. I’ve been waiting patiently for it to make its way to Seattle. But it still hasn’t. We saw it in San Francisco last week at a BevMo! but couldn’t take it on the plane so we could only look at it through glass. Thankfully, my wife is smart and she called the Vashon liquor store and asked if they could special-order it. They could and did and and she surprised me with it today.

Baby Hudson & Hudson Baby

We got bottle 331 of batch 5 from 2008. It is much smoother but lacks the sweetness and cinnamon spiciness of Maker’s Mark, which isn’t surprising since it’s not aged very long (hence the name “baby”) and it’s made with 100% corn (and 100% from New York). According to this, Maker’s Mark is made with 70% corn, 16% red winter wheat (whatever that is) and 14% malted barley (just like beer!).