San Francisco

We took a mid-week weekend trip to San Francisco, thanks to cheap Virgin airfare and Kelly willing to take care of the kids for two nights. Since we were without kids, we rented a Mini Cooper and toured Marin County, an area of San Francisco we’ve never explored.

Mini Cooper S

This is our first time being without the kids, except the nights we were in the hospital when Hudson was born and Kelly stayed with Havana. It’s amazing how easy it is to go places when you don’t have to pack and unpack kids. It’s also amazing how much you can miss them and their jabbering.

Two blocks from the hotel, heading to the car rental to return the car, I missed a stop sign in a confusing intersection and, of course, the cops know it so there was a motorcycle cop sitting there waiting to give out tickets. There’s a traffic light that was green but it was for buses only and I followed the bus right through it. Doh! I got the first traffic ticket I’ve had in over 22 years!

We came back to the intersection a half-an-hour later so I could see how I made the mistake and the cop was still there. I respect police officers and what they do, but sitting in an intersection that you know is confusing waiting to give out tickets to motorists is not a public service. If the intersection is confusing, convince the city to change it to make it safer for motorists and pedestrians. Keeping it confusing and unsafe just so you can kill time and meet your ticket quota is not an honorable thing for a police officer to do.

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