Architecture Meeting #5

We met with Tom and Dan at their office for the first time in a while. There were some minor changes to the kitchen, garage and master bedroom and they scaled the main part of the house down to save on square footage. We saw the first elevations (side view, not just a floor plan) but, frankly, we weren’t wow-ed by it and we want to be. Granted, it’s hard to imagine what it would look like in 3D looking at a 2D drawing. It would be a good-looking house and probably look weird to someone used to more traditional designs, but we want something that amazes us and we aren’t there yet.
After the meeting we went to Kokoras, a place I’ve wondered about because it’s Greek and I can’t find any good Greek food in Seattle. From the outside, it doesn’t look appealing so we’ve always decided against us. We decided to finally try it. We went inside and ordered take-out and then went across the street to Beveridge Place Pub, where they don’t serve food so encourage you to get take-out and bring it there.

We surprisingly ran into Heather and Larry, Kelly’s parents, there. We had a beer with them while watching the Alabama-Texas game while we waited for our food order. Later, I went to get the food and they went to meet another daughter of theirs to go to an art opening.

The food was good, even when served in take-out boxes. We noticed that it’s also very kid-friendly so we’ll have to go eat there sometime and try some other dishes with the kids.

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