2009 in Review

Here are my highlights of the year…

January: Havana started potty-training. Obama became President. Havana’s probably had more success than Obama has, but Obama’s job is much more difficult and he, along with Bernanke, saved the world from an economic meltdown. So far, anyway. Good start to the year.

February: The Steelers won the Super Bowl (again). This was one of, if not the, greatest Super Bowls ever.

March: We took a road trip to San Francisco and back. San Francisco is always fun and it was nice to get the Lexus out of the garage and on the road.

April: Havana started to stop wearing diapers and turned 2.

May: Havana had her first haircut. We went to Europe, visiting London, Devon and Brussels. That was a great trip, one of the few vacations I’ve had where I wasn’t dying to come home. We did realize that city vacations are not great for young kids, though.

June: We returned to Seattle from Europe. Gay ran half of the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll marathon. We hired an architect to design our new house.

July: We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We’ve been together for 11 years now, practically inseparable, which still amazes me.

August: Hudson turned 1. He’s so laid-back that he’s been a very easy baby, although he can still scream bloody murder when he’s not happy.

September: Nothing?!

October: We switched architects and have really enjoyed working with Tom and Dan. Hudson started walking finally! I think his head is so big that he’s so top-heavy that it’s hard for him to balance.

November: I turned 40 without much care, surprisingly. We celebrated Thanksgiving, still my favorite holiday. Illy turned 14 and is starting to show her age with bad arthritis and deafness.

December: We went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We celebrated Christmas.

It’s our first full year with two kids, which continues to make our lives noisy on the inside and quiet on the outside. We were able to spend most of the year working on our new business — being productive again feels good and we have a much healthier attitude about it. I read far fewer books than I did last year because we’ve been spending our time working. We still have Kelly, who has been great as our nanny and who makes it possible for us to spend time in the office knowing the kids are having fun, learning, playing and are safe.

Although we’re going through the design process for our new house on Vashon, we have lingering reservations about the kids growing up on Vashon, although we love it here. It’s been two years now that we’ve been trying to figure this out, but we should come to terms with this in 2010.

2008: Year in Review.

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