Withings body scale

Our gift from Santa this year was the Withings internet-connected body scale.

It knows who you are when you step on it, it measures your weight and your body fat percentage and sends it to the withings.com site, via WiFi, where they provide nice graphs over time. And they have an iPhone app too. In fact, you can configure it with an iPhone… you turn it over and there’s a cradle for the iPhone, you launch their app, press a button on the scale and they start talking to each other and the iPhone asks you questions about how you want it configured. Very slick. They even have a web API.

Our old scale also measured fat percentage but to record the measurements we had to do it manually and I often forgot to do it. This one looks better and is automatic. I love automation. How long until I can get an internet-connected sphygmomanometer and elliptical machine?

One thought on “Withings body scale”

  1. Wow… this looks pretty sweet. You’ll have to tell us what you think after using it for a while. Our scale is old and uninteresting. This looks right up our alley.

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