Christmas Day

Havana has started to understand Santa Claus. She put out cookies and juice (although I suggested bourbon) on Christmas Eve and seemed to understand that Santa would come by during the night. She woke up Christmas morning at 6am, a little earlier than usual, and came into our room to wake us up. She wanted breakfast more than Christmas presents. Hudson soon woke up too and we took them down to the tree.

Santa brought Havana a wooden doll house and a pedal-less bike. Hudson got a basketball hoop and a wooden car “race track” (the cars start at the top and fall down the track levels to the bottom).

This is the first year that Havana understood how to open a present. Hudson is like Havana was last year and didn’t understand what any of this was about. Havana picked out the presents, seemed to think they were all for her or Hudson, and had fun unwrapping them. We filled up the camera with movies and Havana was getting bored so we stopped for breakfast.

Gay made a delicious frittata and we had that as the sun came up. After breakfast we continued to open presents. Her grandmother gave her a Snow White costume that she wants to wear all the time now. The kids took their afternoon naps earlier than normal and then Havana wanted to watch the DVDs (what she calls “Dee Dee Deez”) that her Uncle Todd and Aunt Rozanne gave her. While Gay was slaving in the kitchen getting Christmas dinner (turkey) ready, Havana, in her Snow White costume, and I watched Finding Nemo, one of the DVDs from her aunt and uncle. Hudson joined us intermittently, dividing his time between the movie and his toys in the other room.

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