Cabo to Seattle

We packed up and left our place around 11am and drove to San Jose del Cabo, the opposite direction from Cabo San Lucas and the town near the airport. San Jose is much less touristy than Cabo — far fewer places for gringos to drink all day and night. We walked around the town a little and then went for lunch. We ordered the kids quesadillas which were the best quesadillas I’ve ever had; the chicken was shredded and the tortillas were fresh. I got chicken fajitas and Gay got a chicken dish served in a hot clay pot. This was one of the best meals we had. After lunch, we walked around town some more before heading to the airport.

Our flight was at 4:30pm. We were at the gate by 3:30 so I watched the San Diego vs. Dallas game in the terminal. We got on the plane by 4pm and we were taxiing down the runway by 4:20pm. The kids were good on the flight, Hudson took an hour nap and Havana watched her shows on the iPhone. There was a couple kids behind us that did not have a good flight and I felt for their parents.

We landed at 7:30pm Seattle time and were off the plane and through customs by 8:30. Havana was full of energy in the airport but was fast asleep by the time we pulled out of the parking garage. We caught the 9:20 ferry to Vashon and the kids were in their beds before 10pm.

It’s in the 30°s in Seattle, much colder than the 70°s in Cabo, but I am glad to be home. 70° weather in December is wrong. I’m also glad to be away from that big fireball in the sky that makes it impossible to leave the shade and live without sticky smelly sunscreen all over you.

Travel statistics:

Troy and Gay: 5th time in Mexico. I can’t believe we’ve been there 5 times; I need to visit several other countries (Spain, Italy, China, etc.) before going to Mexico again.
Havana: 4th trip outside the US, 4th country, 2nd time to Mexico, 14th airplane ride.
Hudson: 2nd trip outside the US, 3rd country, 1st time to Mexico, 4th airplane ride.

3 thoughts on “Cabo to Seattle”

  1. I was twenty one when I first went in an aircraft. That was to Miami on Virgin. That was 21 years ago!
    Great holiday photos. Never been to Mexico but it looks great.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Living in Europe, you probably don’t need to fly as much as Americans do. I flew on a few airplanes when I was a kid to visit relatives, but the first time I visited another country was not until I was 19. I didn’t even get to Canada for the first time until my late 20s.

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