Dry Fly Whiskey

Gay’s dad and aunt are arrived today to watch Illy and the house while we’re in Mexico this week. And they got up early yesterday to get in line before 6am on a freezing cold Spokane morning to get the 2nd limited release of Dry Fly Whiskey for us for Christmas. Bless their hearts.

Dry Fly Whiskey

They were 37th and 38th in line and Dry Fly treated them to hot coffee and a complimentary ski hat. They also got us very cool Dry Fly baseball hats.

“We visited the distillery”:https://troyandgay.com/blog/2008/08/02/dry-fly-distillery/ last year. Dry Fly is Washington State’s only distillery and they just started releasing their whiskey. “I missed getting their first release in August”:https://troyandgay.com/blog/2009/08/10/its-finally-raining/ due to the small number they can make so I was very happy to get a bottle from their second batch.

It’s very good. It doesn’t have the spicy or sweet taste of Maker’s Mark, my favorite. It’s very smooth and almost buttery. It’s also not a bourbon, it’s a an all-wheat (100% Washington State wheat too) whiskey. I really like it. I wish I could take it with me tomorrow on vacation.

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