Architecture meeting #4

We had another meeting with Tom and Dan to see the results of “last week’s changes”: It looks pretty good but we need to think about room sizes. The total square footage is *way* too big, we need to shave off about 1,700 square feet. We also think the kitchen will change a little because they think we’ve designed it too small. We left with some tracing paper, a scale and some guidelines/advice about spaces and sizes and we’re going to see if we can try some kitchen ideas on our own. We also scaled back the area around the garage to avoid moving too much dirt to level it.

Round 4

Because of holidays and vacations, we won’t be meeting with them until January. They’ve done some early drawings for the elevations but won’t show them to us yet. Tom did give us a general idea of the roofline he’s thinking about, though. Hopefully we’ll see those ideas on paper then.

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