Architecture meeting #3

We met with Tom and Dan this afternoon their third round of drawings. Today the firm, Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen, announced its name change to the shorter Olson Kundig. A big change for a firm that has been around as long as they have. But it’s easier to say!


The latest drawings included one was what we essentially designed at the last meeting and there were two modified versions of it. One of the alternatives had a different placement for the kitchen that we liked. We changed to that and spent some time taking the stuff we liked from last week’s design. The next drawing may be pretty close to the actual schematic design.

We should have one more drawing and, assuming we don’t have any new ideas or changes, we will start working in the 3rd dimension. Even seeing it in two dimensions, I can tell it’s going to be a very cool house. But we’re wary of the cost. We want the house to have a rustic/unfinished look but, ironically, it costs more to look unfinished than it does to just nail up cheap 2x4s and slap drywall on them. And big glass walls are expensive. We’ll be involving contractors at some point to get an idea of the cost and to see how many compromises we’ll have to make to keep it under budget.

After Thanksgiving, Tom’s taking a month-long motorcycle trip from Seattle to Patagonia so we probably won’t get much done between now and the end of the year.

Using the survey data, they made a model of our property laser-cut out of cork, as can be seen in the photo above. Each “step” is 2 feet, so our property has more of an incline than you’d expect from looking at it in real life. The blocks represent different parts of the house and the sticks represent trees. One of our concerns with placing the garage farther north on the property was that it will be a steep climb (20 feet!) from the garage to the house. But we think we can build the garage a few feet higher and make the grade more smooth to lessen the climb.

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