Architect meeting #2

We met with the architects this afternoon for the next round after round 1.

Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen office

It could have gone either way after the last meeting — this round could turn out to be a good step forward or it could be just like the meetings with our previous architects where there was little new and the meetings were mostly a waste of time. Fortunately, it went great. We had a productive 2 hours and basically have the layout of the house decided, just like that! I can’t believe that after less than four weeks and just one iteration we’re way past where Miller-Hull was after 10 weeks and five meetings.

Today, Tom and Dan had three more evolutions of the initial four designs and one was pretty close to what we wanted. We explained what we liked and didn’t like about each of the designs and over the course of the meeting we hashed out some changes to that design. Tom’s very talented, he can listen to us and immediately start drawing and has good ideas on the spot. There’s still some minor details and the exact sizes of rooms to work out, but I think we’re pretty close on a floor plan.

I can’t wait to see the elevations, to start thinking in three dimensions and getting an idea of what the house will actually look like.

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