Month: November 2009

Steve, Renuka, Owen & Claire

Steve and Renuka and their kids, Owen and Claire, came over for a post-Thanksgiving dinner. They brought a bottle of Leonetti (we’ve never had a Leonetti) that we drank with a delicious dinner. After dinner, the kids watched a couple movies on the big screen: Tinkerbell and Shark Tale. Havana was in heaven with her friends and Hudson even sat still and watched one of the movies. I’ve kept a large selection of beers in the fridge that I haven’t gotten around to drinking and when me, Steve and lots of beer choices are in the same room the next day is never good for me. I had the worst hangover I’ve had probably all year on Sunday. But it was a fun time.

Illy is 14

Today is Illy’s 14th birthday. Happy Birthday Illy!

Illy at 14

We’ve had her for over 10 years now. Her vital stats are all still good but she has arthritis so she has trouble getting up and down the stairs (unless food is involved) and getting up from laying down. In spite of that, she still comes up the stairs and down the stairs to the office every morning to spend the morning with us. And when the kids have lunch, she somehow knows about it and she climbs the stairs again to get down for any food that Hudson may drop on the floor. And then she comes back up to the office.

Architecture meeting #4

We had another meeting with Tom and Dan to see the results of “last week’s changes”: It looks pretty good but we need to think about room sizes. The total square footage is *way* too big, we need to shave off about 1,700 square feet. We also think the kitchen will change a little because they think we’ve designed it too small. We left with some tracing paper, a scale and some guidelines/advice about spaces and sizes and we’re going to see if we can try some kitchen ideas on our own. We also scaled back the area around the garage to avoid moving too much dirt to level it.

Round 4

Because of holidays and vacations, we won’t be meeting with them until January. They’ve done some early drawings for the elevations but won’t show them to us yet. Tom did give us a general idea of the roofline he’s thinking about, though. Hopefully we’ll see those ideas on paper then.

My dad is cancer-free

My dad was released from the hospital after his kidney-removal surgery and the doctors confirmed that, while the tumor was malignant, it hadn’t yet spread to any other organs. A previous test confirmed that it hadn’t spread to his bones either. So he’s cancer-free!

Another stupid AP Mobile alert

There is someone who works at the Associated Press, probably more than one!, that makes a decision about which news stories are important enough to be an alert for mobile users. And they decided that Oprah’s imminent announcement to end her show in 2 years is worthy:

AP thinks this is critical news

I can’t decide if this is dumber than their alert about golf in the 2016 Olympics. Does this even merit an alert if you work for Oprah and will lose your job in 2011?

They accept (and seem to ignore) feedback at

Steelhead Diner

After the meeting at Olson Kundig, we went to Steelhead Diner for dinner. They participate in the Dine Around Seattle promotion that a lot of Seattle restaurants do in November. This year, it’s 3-for-30, or 3 courses for $30. From their menu, I had the clam chowder and Gay had the fried oysters for appetizers and I had the salmon and Gay had the ribeye steak for the entree. They were out of the chocolate pecan pie dessert that I wanted so I got the spiced pumpkin creme brulée and Gay got the chocolate mousse. Everything was delicious.

Architecture meeting #3

We met with Tom and Dan this afternoon their third round of drawings. Today the firm, Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen, announced its name change to the shorter Olson Kundig. A big change for a firm that has been around as long as they have. But it’s easier to say!


The latest drawings included one was what we essentially designed at the last meeting and there were two modified versions of it. One of the alternatives had a different placement for the kitchen that we liked. We changed to that and spent some time taking the stuff we liked from last week’s design. The next drawing may be pretty close to the actual schematic design.

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Washington State Referendum 71

Earlier this year, Washington State passed legislation to bestow equal rights on same-sex couples that married couples have. As it has been in 31 other states, a Christian group called “Protect Marriage” launched an attack on it in Washington by putting it to a popular vote under the guise of “democracy”. Referendum 71 was born. A popular vote sounds like American democracy but anyone who went through high school understands (or should understand) that The Constitution of the US was written to, among other things, protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority.

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